MAG World Expo 2022 will be a first of its kind international trade fair that will focus on mobile phones, mobile accessories and related gadgets thus bringing together the manufacturers, importers and suppliers under one roof. In tandem with India’s MAKE IN INDIA mission, MAG World Expo 2022 is envisioned with a goal to offer a platform that helps indigenous manufacturers and suppliers meet retailers with whom they can create long lasting alliances. Most manufacturers in India and wholesale distributors have a base in the North of India which remains the manufacturing and wholesale hub for the entire country. Many sellers and retailers especially in the South of India do not have access to these manufacturing giants directly, and this event aims to bridge that gap. MAG World Expo 2022 aims to be an ideal platform for the showcase of the latest products, trends & technology and to create brand awareness while providing an opportunity to meet distributors, retail players, corporates and institution buyers from across the country in a dynamic business environment.

An annual event conceptualised to be held in Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India, MAG World Expo 2022 will display different type of mobile devices and a number of dependent products like mobile accessories, IOT gadgets, smart wearables, camera and related accessories, bluetooth devices, CCTV & surveillance systems, android connectors, gaming modules, VR technology and much more.

This 3-day event will not just help the manufacturers in Bangalore, but it will offer manufacturers from across the country, technology companies and distributors with an opportunity to create exclusive experience zones for the varied categories that they deal with like mobile VR & AR, sports and health wearable zones etc.

MAG World Expo is a first-of-its-kind event in Bangalore for the smartphone manufacturers in India


The Future Is Smart, And The Future Is Here!

It is predicted that by 2022 India will have over 830 million smartphone users, making it one of the largest smartphone markets in the world. The Indian subcontinent is one of the biggest & fastest growing markets for the mobile phone & accessories industry with a growth rate of 17% YoY. This industry has witnessed a surge of 26 % amounting to the shipments of 38.8 million units of smartphones in Q1 2021.The rapidly increasing use of smartphones and mobile-enabled devices is a major factor in boosting the demand for mobile accessories and gadgets in India. This trend is expected to continue for several years to come as India continues to witness digitisation that is not only changing the lives of the urban population but creating a massive change in the lives of the rural population as well.

The market for mobile accessories in India is expected to reach INR 35,000 crores ( USD 3.54 Bn) by the end of 2024 growing at a CAGR of 10.5% . The rising young age population with a disposable income, steady decline in smartphone prices, increased internet penetration and the increasing focus on a more digitised lifestyle are some of the key factors that have created a conducive environment for this industry’s growth. Along with this, the latest turn of events has brought to fore the power of digitisation and the importance of access to the same in the most remote parts of the country. We have witnessed a time when professionals have sat in the most remote parts of India and conducted business with their clients across the globe. Thanks to smartphones and varied mobileaccessories and digitisation many individuals have been able to adapt to the new normal. From students attending online schools to grocery being brought online, smartphones have come to our rescue and how!

Smartphone, mobile phone manufacturers & technology companies have a new destination for business through the exclusive event


MAG World Expo is a new way of business for mobile phone manufacturers company in India
  • Mobile Smartphones, Feature phones & Tablets
  • Screen Gaurd, Protective Cases & Covers
  • Audio Devices - Speakers & Headphones
  • Camera and Related Accessories
  • IT Peripherals
  • Android & IOT Devices
  • Smart Wearables
  • Chargers & Power Devices
  • CCTV & Surveillance Systems
  • Cables & Connectors
  • Personal Health Care Products
  • Small Household Appliances
  • Value Added Services






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